The amounts of products you purchased from our stores can be pait at your door when the cargo arrives, per hard money or credit card!

Orders, done, picking this method will be additionally charged with 5TL additionally for the "Service Fee for Paying on Receipt" in the moment the order is done.

The Product Cargo Cost is additionally added to your order cost. The service fee for paying on receipt is applied for hard money or credit card purchases. There is no option of paying in installments in the method of paying on receipt.

In this method, customers are called for approval before the sending is done, unless an approval can be obtained, the sending will not be processed. This call will be recorded for security reasons

When the ARAS CARGO Credit Card payment option is picked, the ARAS Cargo responsible will come with a POS device for the payment. The payment is done to the secure ARAS Cargo center. Please make sure in advance that your credit card limit is sufficient for this payment.

On this payments, the credit cart holder, the person who makes the process and the ordering person should be the same.

The Aras Cargo responsible will not hand over the products before a check of the credit card. After the payment is done, the cooperative ARAS Cargo personell will submit your products.