Product change reuqests are done based on the Law and Regulation of Consumer Protection accordingly with below criteria. Legally, products that are purchased through the internet (purchases with distance agreement), can be, without undertaking any legal responsibility and showing any reason, rejected and returned within 14 days. Still we appreciate supporting you for purchases from tudors-tr.com in accepting returns with bills within 30 days. Additionally you can change your product in any store that is near to you, if the invoice is submitted alongside. (No changes can be done in the Online Shop.)

On arrival of returned products, your products are investigated in a row of processes. Within 10 days after the receipt of your returned products, the purchase payment will be paid to you. The refund will be done in the same way you chose when purchasing the product in our online shop.

This is due to the atomatic system of the return and refund process, so if you paid per cash, the refund will be done per cash; if you paid in installments, the refund will be done in installments.

Return Address: 
Yenibosna Merkez Mah. Cemal Ulusoy cad. No : 13
( Online Sales Department ) Bahçelievler / İSTANBUL